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60 Minute Class: $6.00

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BDD-Fitness offers more than just fitness classes. It is a community, a place where I can go for release, joy, support, and overcoming. It is a circle of faith, where I can raise my hands up and let go of my worries, or where I can reach out to hold on to somebody else. When I walk through the door, I know I will be welcome, and when I walk out, I know I'll be going back again for more!

Rachael, BDD-Fitness Client

All 60-minute classes are choreographed to positive music to direct your spirit and heart upward. Optional use of hand weights and/or a chair. Classes close with optional “Circle Talk” to connect with class community, receive encouragement from Instructor, and pray as a group. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV)


Stretch, Strengthen, and Challenge your muscles, while Strengthening your heart both as a muscle and a soul. Movements will help tone your upper torso, core, abs, and lower body.  

Check out our S†rengthenUp Schedule on our Calendar page.

S†rengthenUp Li†e 

This class is geared toward those who are new to exercise, senior citizens, or are returning to exercise after being away for a while. A smaller number of repetitions of movements and safety adaptations are shown at each class (as compared to a regular "StrengthenUp" class). Optional use of hand weights and/or a chair. All Fitness levels welcome. More advanced students can increase repetitions.

Check out our S†rengthenUp Li†e  Schedule on our Calendar page.


Get moving and dancing to help raise your heart rate and challenge your heart both as a muscle and a soul! Close out this total body workout with Strength Training that will tone your upper torso, core, and lower body, while stretching both your muscles and your faith. 

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