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BDD-Fitness and Staunton REFIT® partner together.  

We share the vision of helping others through fitness that is focused on body, mind, & spirit.

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Meet Stephanie

In early 2017, Stephanie Reese began the "SoulFit" ministry of Parkway Wesleyan Church in Staunton, VA.  Stephanie shares, "My passion is to help people on their journey for improved spiritual and physical health. I believe you have to take care of your temple (body) to serve God to the fullest."   As this ministry evolved, she learned about REFIT®, and in May 2017 she decided to get licensed to teach REFIT® classes.   

Stephanie Reese is a Licensed REFIT® Instructor, www.refitrev.com.


(Stephanie is pictured in center, along with REFIT® co-founders Catherine Ballas and Angela Beeler.)

Staunton REFIT® Schedule:

Wednesday 6:30 pm

Parkway Wesleyan Church

1987 Spring Hill Rd

Staunton, VA  24401

Classes are Free


Contact Stephanie: [email protected]

The Fitness Community at Staunton REFIT® continues to grow together, and they look forward to meeting YOU and having you experience body, mind, and spirit fitness!